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  • Thu, May 14, 2009 6:34 AM

Pete Magee wrote:

There seems to be a major drop in the legal descriptions for data dumps.  For instances in my data download from the ACS system in 11/2008,..I have more complete legal descriptions than in the data dump you folks provided me with early this month.  Specifically,..looking at schedule # 40002560, in the ACS data it references many more tracts in the Trinchera Colony Estates, then your version.

Now,..I maybe doing something wrong,..but seems text data is being dropped....


No data has been lost; like the State Auditors, who only require the first 30 characters of the legal description in the early audit reports, the standard pratice in Pueblo County is to include only the first 55 characters of the legal description in any canned or custom report requests such as Pete's which require that data. The majority of legal descriptions for regular platted subdivisions will easily fit within the boundaries of the 55 character limit; anything beyond that is usually lengthy metes and bounds descriptions that are rarely of any use or interest in the vast majority of report requests. If any participating counties feel that the 55 character limit would not serve as a sufficient representation of your legal descriptions on canned reports, please let us know and we will come up with a length that will best serve all participating counties. In custom reports, the requestor has only to specify that he/she requires a complete legal description, and it will be made available.


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Well no wonder!  I learn something new daily!  Thanks for the clarification.  For our purposes in building the parcel layer, I will always need as complete as possible of a legal description in all six counties here in the Valley (Alamosa, Conejos, Costilla, Mineral, Rio Grande and Saguache).  If possible, if you could do me a data dump of Costilla with just Parcel ID and as much of the legal description as possible I would greatly appreciate it.  I'll link the rest of the data from the earlier data dump.  Please include exempt parcels.

I also figured out the duplications, based on abstract code.  I prefer Pueblo County's version of this info to ACS, folks provide the summation, whereas ACS listed each individual entry,..even if it was the same abstract code.

Lastly the website appears to be in working order today.  Thanks again for your patience and assistance.


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