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  • Thu, Jun 4, 2009 3:30 PM

As we carry out the data conversions for residential inventory information, there are a few conversion issues that I would like all participating counties to keep in mind. Since the reappraisal system on our side relies on cost center variables (first floor area, above first floor area, half story area, finished/unfinished basement area, porch area(s), garage area(s), etc.) that are locally adjusted derivations from Marshall Swift values, we are only able to assign such cost center codes based on what the Pueblo County Assessor is using in their cost manuals. There are, however, several inventory classifications that appear in the ACS data, but have no equivalent counterpart in the Pueblo County cost manuals. For all such occurrences, we are creating "dummy" cost center codes as placeholders that we can easily key on in subsequent reports as the REAP information is reviewed. Any such codes that have integral component value should either be re-assigned to an existing cost center class, or a new class and associated valuation structure created.

Some of these cost center codes, and the ACS data from which they were derived are as follows:

HVAC: ACS has valuation information on Solar and Wood Heat classifications that had no Pueblo County equivalent. All such codes will be set to "MZ". Since many of the HVAC appraisal costs are non-zero and do contribute to the final value of the property (at least in the Pueblo County cost manuals), I assume that you would want to work these properties initially. We will produce listings for each county of all "MZ" properties for that purpose.

Roof Construction/Composition: ACS has components such as "Wood Truss", "Sawtooth", "Mansard", "Irregular", "Ridge Frame", and "Steel Frame" that have no direct Pueblo County equivalent. All such codes will be temporarily set to HN. Some may simply require setting/re-assigning the code to Pueblo Counties "Framing Adjustment" class (HF) and assigning values relevant to your County in that class. Once you are on our system, you will be able to do this via the menu selection Administration->Unit Cost Edit, then click the Residential tab. Select the "Single Value" button and click the "Finish/Roof" radio button. Scroll down to find the HF Appraisal Code, and review/modify the values under each grade. I would think that the "Wood Truss" would be considered standard construction, and the HN code could probably be deleted. In the roof composition arena, the ACS data contained such descriptives as "minimum", "roll composition", "prefab panel", "galvanized steel", and "plastic". All were also coded as HN since there were no Pueblo County equivalents.

Exterior Walls: ACS has the descriptive "prefab panel" with no Pueblo equivalent. Any such codes will be termporarily coded as "FN".

Foundation: ACS has the descriptive "minimal", which will be temporarily assigned as "EN". If the description is actually for "mud sills" or "piers", then the code could be changed to "EE" or "EF", and cost information relevant to your County added to the manual.

Interior Walls: ACS uses such descriptives as "minimum", "custom panel", "decorative" and "log". All will be temporarily set to "IN".  

Flooring: ACS uses descriptives like "slate", "marble", "very poor", "average", "asphalt tile", and "epoxy" in this area...Pueblo County does not have any reasonable counterparts. All such codes will be temporarily set to "JN". The "average" and "very poor" classifications would relate more to the grade within the appraisal class, and would be valued accordingly. The others would need to have appraisal class descriptions created if it is felt that they do have a significant effect on property value.

I realize that some of this information may be a bit confusing since most of you are not yet set up on our system, but I thought it would be a good jumping off point for a discussion on residential inventory data. If your County has a substantial number of any of the property characteristics noted above, we may be able to minimize the amount of manual entry required after the fact by creating validation on those characteristics prior to loading your data.

 If you would like to discuss this issue, or if you require additional detail regarding setting up additional appraisal classifications for your county prior to your data load, please let us know!


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